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Here is a little about us.  We own and operate Godfroy Financial Group together in our home town of Windsor, Ontario.  Our names are Terry & Alynn Godfroy.  Alynn has been a Financial Advisor for 13 years and specializes in insurance and investments.

Terry is a Mortgage Planner with Mortgage Intelligence and deals with 50 lenders across Canada to ensure that you get the best mortgage rate on the market.  He is also a licensed Financial Advisor, and a Certified Cash Flow Specialist.

We are contracted as Life Insurance brokers through an MGA in Ontario, Canada and currently have contracts with about 18 Insurance Companies in Canada to ensure you get the best rates and or products available on the market.

We started this blog to give tips on saving money, from both the types of products and services we offer, to saving on the things we buy as consumers in our day to day lives.

Welcome to our Blog, hope you enjoy and return often.



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