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Canada Revenue Agency has a great web site that every Canadian should get set up with. If you don’t already have access, set aside 10 minutes to enroll in a CRA My Account. There are many benefits.

• You can view your Notices of Assessment online and print them.
• You can see when the CRA has received your income tax return.
• You can make changes to your income tax return online.
• You can check your RRSP contribution limit online.
• You can set up direct deposit so that your tax refund, GST cheques, etc,. go right into your bank account.
• You can receive your CRA correspondence online rather than through regular mail.
• You can view your Home Buyer’s Plan information
• You can view your Tax-Free Savings Account contribution room.
• View carryover amounts (e.g. tuition carry forward).
• View your T4, T4A (Company Pension Slip), T4E (Unemployment Slip), T4P (Canada Pension Slip), T4OAS (OAS Slip) online.
• View your T3, T5, T4RSP and T4RIF slips as well as RRSP Contribution Slips.
• View your T5008 (Return of Securities Transactions) and your T5007 Slips (WSIB and Social Assistance payments are listed on this slip).
• View the status of your Disability Tax Credit application.
• View your balance owing to the CRA.
• Update your address and phone number (your tax preparer can no longer do this for you).
• Apply for child benefits.
• View how much you will receive for Child Tax Benefits.
• View your GST/HST payment schedule and amounts.
• View and update the information concerning children in your care.
• View your Working Income Tax Benefit advance payments.
• Submit documents.
• View who your authorized representative is.
• Authorize a tax representative.
• Cancel a tax representative.
• Pay a balance owing by pre-authorized debit.
• Register a formal dispute.
• View your installment payments.
• Change your marital status.
I cannot stress how much time and headache you can save yourself by enrolling in this free service. Instead of having to call the CRA inquiries number or a number of other government numbers, most information you will ever need to access can be found on this web site.
Just go to the Canada Revenue Agency web site and click on register:

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