What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a investment product sold by financial institutions and in particular life Insurance companies. They are designed to work like a work pension plan, where they give a fixed payment for a period of time.
They can be purchased individually as term, life-time, inflation indexed, or for a joint life (term or life)

Guaranteed Monthly Income
Basically, you pay a financial institution (often an insurance company) a sum of money and they give it back to you in regular monthly payments, as determined by many factors such as your age, sex and the length of term you want guaranteed income for. You receive a regular income stream made up of interest and principal.

Are they for everyone?
If there’s no chance you’ll run out of money, annuities are probably the wrong choice. They make little sense if you have an ample employer pension, or you are poor in health. Since your work pension is already giving you an income for life, the best return on your money that is in an annuity comes from living much longer than the average person.

They are good if you need to top up your guaranteed monthly retirement income from all your sources to maintain a certain standard of living. (CPP + OAS + Work Pension + Annuity = Guaranteed Retirement living for life) You do not need to invest all your savings into an annuity. Just purchase what you need to get that monthly amount that you want to live with in your retirement years. You have the freedom to use the rest of your savings as you please since you opted to not lock in your whole annuity.

If you want to learn more about Annuities and if they are right for you, speak to a licenced life agent such as ourselves, or one in your community.

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